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An old lumberyard building gets a new life.
Southern portion of the building before renovation.
A "before" shot of the interior.
A rendering of the virtual model depicting the "before" conditions.
Existing walls and roof of the southern portion are to be removed.
Columns are to be removed to open the space up for vehicle bays.
New structural elements are to be installed.
New partitions to be installed.
What it should look like after construction is finished.
The start of selective demolition.
All the existing skin has been removed from the southern portion.
More selective demolition.
A view of some of the old lumber racks.
One can see some the unique existing foundation.
The main hall after some clearing out.
All of the southern portion has been selectively demo'd.
Framing to support the new exterior skin.
New concrete wall going in along the northern elevation.
All the old skin removed.
Rock fill for the new floor slabs being installed.
New girder trusses installed.
New foundation going in.
Future office area.
New concrete piers.
Old wood framing cleared out, new steel installed.
Blue skies ahead.
New roof trusses.
New wall framing progressing.
All the new trusses are in.
The new girder truss is directly supported by the new steel columns.
New exterior skin.
New overhead door going in.
Future office area.
Looking from the southeast.
Southern view as of early April 2017.
View of vehicle bay.
Reuse, Recycle, Renovate.
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